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Kadakia, Parth

Interview date: November 29, 2017
Interviewee: Parth Kadakia
Itnerviewer/Transcriber: Stephanie DeLaat, Monmouth University Student

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Parth Kadakia is a current graduate student at Monmouth University. Parth is currently pursuing his Masters in Software Engineering. Living in India most of his life, he attended school and graduated (what is called in the United States high school) Mumbai University. The challenges of always being the best in school was one the many reasons Parth chose to come to the United States for his Bachelor’s degree. He graduated with a Computer Science degree from California State University in 2014.  

After graduation, Parth wanted to move east, along with being closer to his internship at UnitedHealth Group in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He applied to five different universities for his master’s degree. What made his choice in deciding on Monmouth University were ultimately two factors. The first being the great environment and supportive faculty he met at the graduate open house and the second being a substantial scholarship that he was offered. He saw that Monmouth University was the right choice school to pursue his Master’s degree at.   

While Parth has some of his family here in the United States, most of his family is currently living in India.  He is currently living in North Brunswick, New Jersey with his wife. His wife graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and is a current adjunct Professor at Monmouth University. Back home in India, his father is a civil engineer and his mother is a stay at home mother, who also dabbles in teaching some art classes.  Parth credits his father for his career choice along with his studies from his time back in India.  

His choice to become a Software Engineer started from a young age. When he was around the ages of 12/13, he discovered the program of Microsoft Office and found it fascinating. His parents also bought him an expensive game that he broke after having it for some time. He felt so terrible that he wanted to learn how to fix it. In the school Parth attended, he was offered an elective computer class, which is not too common in Indian schools. These factors lead him to the track he is on today. Parth will be working on his thesis soon, then moving on to pursue his Ph.D.  

In addition to his studies, Parth is a graduate assistant for Dr. Rosca and is involved with the International Club.  He is thankful for the graduate assistantship with Dr. Rosca, as she has been a guiding factor during his time here at Monmouth University.  Parth helps with many events with the International club and finds them to be a great way for everyone on campus to mingle, while learning more about International cultures.  

Knowing that there is some much to explore, Parth loves to travel. He has been to New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Denver (Colorado), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas and Houston (Texas), California, Florida, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. Two quotes he has from learned from traveling are “Travel light,” and “Be humble.” He sees that everyone around the world learns and operates differently, so we as people must be patient, so that we can experience and learn the most from every place visited.  

Overall, Parth is grateful to live and study here in the United States. After taking 20 years to obtain a visa to study here, he knows that he wants to do well, and that this country has lots to offer him.  He loves this country and all the opportunities here because of the all freedoms/independence the United States presents. With all the possibilities the United States has to offer to each individual living here, if you stay focus and stay on the right track, he says, this is the best country to get achieve your life goals.