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Resource Donation Policy

The Monmouth University Library accepts gifts of library materials that are pertinent to the teaching and research needs of the Monmouth University community. Generally, the same criteria used to determine the purchase of materials are used in evaluating the appropriateness of gifts for the collection as outlined in the Collections Policy. Some examples of materials that are usually not considered viable additions to the collection include mass-market paperbacks, dictionaries, outdated textbooks, almanacs, serials to which the library does not subscribe, government documents, foreign language materials that do not support the curriculum, and any materials in poor physical repair or in an outdated format.

Donations are accepted with the understanding that once accepted, they become the property of the University. The library reserves the right to exchange, discard, or sell donated material. When materials are judged to be unsuited to our collections, we will make an effort to place them appropriately.
The library does not appraise the value of gifts, but a formal acknowledgement can be provided upon request. All donors should be informed that questions regarding tax deductions are best referred to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service or personal tax advisor.

Prospective donors who believe that their gift would enrich our collections and are consistent with the purpose and scope of the library’s collections are encouraged to contact the Gifts & Donations Librarian (Christine Forbes, 732-571-4404,

In the case of materials not suitable for the Monmouth University Library, donors may wish to consider other organizations, such as the Monmouth County Libraries.