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The Collection Management  Department, primarily through the librarian selectors, works closely with faculty to coordinate the selection and purchase of books, serials and online resources.

Librarians have the primary responsibility for the quality of the Library collections, but librarians and faculty share in the selection and deselection of materials.   The Collection Management  Librarian coordinates requests for purchase  in all formats and determines whether requests conform to Library collection policies and guidelines. Generally the main purpose of the collection is to support the University learning goals and objectives as well as the teaching / learning activities.  A secondary responsibility is to meet the general research needs of the faculty.

The Library will generally not purchase textbooks.

Collection policy, procedures, level and depth of activity vary among academic departments. It is, therefore, advisable for all faculty to consult with their department chairs, department liaisons and librarian selectors  at the beginning of the academic year before placing requests.

Requests for serials – newspapers, journals/magazines, annuals, proceedings & transactions – involve a long-term budgetary and maintenance commitment and will be reviewed with special care. Wherever possible,  new journals will be acquired in electronic format. Please contact the University Librarian Kurt W. Wagner for further information or requests.


Selection resources such as Choice Reviews provide bibliographical and current publishing information, reviews, tables-of-contents, and other information helpful for selection and ordering purposes.