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Guest Access to Library Resources

In an effort to safeguard the security of its computer network, Monmouth University requires each user to sign-on with his/her personal, University-assigned username and password. Because the Guggenheim Library has a tradition of offering access to Library resources, both print and electronic, to non-University users, Guest Accounts are provided as a courtesy to community users, visiting scholars and University alumni. Guest Accounts are intended only for use of the of the Library’s electronic resources or to gain access to the Internet. In most cases, the access will expire in 24 hours. Exceptions to this general rule may be made for visiting scholars and alumni at the discretion of the University Librarian. Guest Account Users will acknowledge their acceptance of this policy and the Guest Account Access Policy by signing a form provided at the time the guest account is created.

Signed guest account policy acknowledgement receipts will be retained by the Library for a period of one year after date of issue. University faculty, staff and students have priority in the use of computing facilities. Individuals with Guest Account privileges may use these facilities on an as-available basis and must yield to priority users when requested to do so. Guest Account privileges do not include University email accounts, access to network file storage, access to or use of the University and Library wireless laptops or network or access to Library databases from locations beyond the Guggenheim Library. Guest Accounts are for use only on the hard-wired PC workstations in the Library. They are not usable on personal laptops.

Library staff retain the right to refuse the Guest Account privilege to alumni and community users who do not provide appropriate identification (see below). The University is not responsible for documents created or activities pursued by users with Guest Account privileges.

Acceptable forms of identification:
Alumni requesting Guest Accounts may provide a valid Alumni Membership Card as acceptable identification. All other requestors must provide photo identification and documentation of his/her current address. Acceptable forms of photo identification include valid drivers’ licenses, government-issued photo identification cards, passports or other, third-party issued photo IDs. Third-party issued identifications, such as those from an employer, a college, university or school, or a membership organization must contain a laminated photo and embossed name of the issuing agency. Acceptable forms of current address documentation include valid drivers’ licenses or current mail from a municipality (such as a tax bill), telephone, utility or credit card company.

Please see a member of the Access Services staff or a Reference Librarian to obtain a Guest Account.