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Minott, Marcia

Interview date: July 13, 2017
Interviewee: Marcia Minott
Interviewer/Transcriber: Peri Trembly/
Summarized by: Peri Trembly
Edited by: Professor Melissa Ziobro

The office coordinator of the Health Center, Marcia Minott, has worked at Monmouth University for 33 years. She has served the role of office coordinator for 10 years. When Ms. Minott first started at the University, the Health Center consisted only of 2 nurses, 1 doctor, and Ms. Minott. Since then the Health Center has changed drastically, adding 6 nurse practitioners, a substance awareness counselor, and a psychiatrist. The office hours have changed also, going from 25 hours, to 9 am to 5 pm, to now 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8 am to 5 pm on Fridays.  

Ms. Minott describes the main goal of the Health Center as serving students, and recently employees, and attending to their medical and emotion needs. Some reasons that students go to the Health Center include because they are feeling sick, or even homesick. In Ms. Minott’s experience, most students just need someone to talk to and they feel fine. Students have made the Health Center a comfort zone, where Ms. Minott often talks to students and tends to their needs.