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Kessler, Hennie

Date of interview: November 6, 2017
Interrviewee: Henni Kantor Kessler
Interviewer: Alexis Martin
Summarized by: Alexis Martin
Edited by: Michael Achimov

Monmouth University Class of 1968 alumni, Henni Kantor Kessler, shares stories from her youth and speaks ever so highly of her formative years at MU in this insightful oral history interview. A former member of the University’s cheerleading team and Mu Alpha Phi sorority, Mrs. Kessler has much to tell us about student life on campus and the tremendous changes that have occurred in the decades since her graduation. There’s also a love story involved, as listeners will get to hear how Mrs. Kessler met and married fellow Hawk, John Kessler.  

The dynamic duo maintain an active presence on campus to this day. They have given back generously to the blue and white, in almost more ways than we can count– for example playing a pivotal role in creating and upgrading the University’s football program, and establishing an athletic scholarship for the MU Cheerleading team (gifted to a senior member every season). In addition to Monmouth University, Henni Kessler and her husband charitably support other organizations such as the James Beard and St. Barnabas Foundations.  

Off campus, life has been full of varied experiences for Mrs. Kessler. She started off in the classroom as a teacher, before breaking out into the world of fashion. In this way, this interview provides an intriguing “behind the scenes” look into a well-known benefactress’s little known back story. 

This interview is sure to inspire past, present, and future Hawks alike.