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Moore, Tara

Monmouth Memories Oral History Interview

Date: July 28, 2017

Interviewee: Tara Moore

Interviewer/Transcriber: Peri Trembley/

Summarized By: Peri Trembley

Edited By: Professor Melissa Ziobro

            Tara Moore was born in 1993 at Riverview hospital in Red Bank, Jersey. She was raised in Colts Neck, New Jersey her whole life, and continues to live there today. In High School, Tara was very social, and engaged in activities such as lacrosse and horseback riding. She worked on a farm before and during her time in college at Wagner College. While at Wagner, Tara missed the farm, and felt that the school did not offer many courses intended for her major in business. She then applied to Monmouth University, and transferred the next year because Monmouth’s Business School intrigued her, and she would be closer to home.

            While at Monmouth, Tara commuted during her sophomore year, and then her Junior and Senior year she lived in Pier Village. She studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management. Tara thoroughly enjoyed her sophomore year, where she had a perfect balance of school and working away from school. She had a friend who was in a fraternity, and quickly made more friends, and engaged in the campus population.

During her junior year, Tara was sexually assaulted by another student on campus. Following the incident, Tara utilized Monmouth’s Counseling and Psychological services to help her through that time. In 2016, Tara graduated from Monmouth with a degree in Business and, allowing herself to be publicly identified by name, has become an advocate against sexual assault on college campuses.