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Mundie, Martin

Interview date: November 3, 2015
Interviewee: Martin Mundie
Interviewer/Transcriber: Sarah Rose, Monmouth University Student

Martin Mundie was born and raised in Manasquan New Jersey. He attended Manasquan Elementary and High School before his arrival at Monmouth University. Growing up in a beach town, Martin would go on to work and buy a house in the same area, sticking to his roots. He is a hardworking man, working at Leggett’s and the River House since High School in addition to being a full time Music Teacher at Sea Girt Elementary School. Loved by his students, Martin also teaches private music lessons Monday through Friday after school. 

Martin and his brothers were privileged to attend Monmouth since their mother had worked at the University in the Human Resources Department. Although as a freshman Martin did not know what his academic journey would be at Monmouth, he enjoyed his first year as an undeclared major and took prerequisite classes. Being a commuter, Martin also worked at local bars and restaurants in Manasquan while obtaining his degree. With a growing interest in music from a young age, Martin decided to become a music major. This choice eventually led him to the education side of music, being inspired by a music teacher he had growing up. Martin graduated from Monmouth in 2009 with Bachelor’s in Music Education and a minor in Popular Music. 

Throughout Martin’s time at Monmouth he recalls having a tough time getting involved. Being a commuter, going to school, and working full time left little time for campus life, however, Martin did make friends with some people who he still keeps in touch with today. Some of these friends were professors like Ron Frangipane, who Martin recalls as being an easy professor to talk to. Martin also admired Frangipane’s background in the music industry, working with music icons like John Lennon. Another professor that made an outlasting impression on Martin was Marc Muller. Martin recalled enjoying the classes he took with Muller, especially his Rock History course. Martin also took lessons from Professor Muller and played in a band with other students that he taught. 

Martin took advantage of all the musical activities that were available to him at Monmouth University. He recalls the Music Building being the old horse stables for Wilson Hall. Martin enjoyed taking part in the band and traveling with the basketball players. He said he traveled to places with them that he had never been before. He also had his first experience being in a play as an adult and laughed when he said that he hoped being a panda was a big part of the play. 

Martin said he would rate his time at Monmouth University as an eight out of ten. He said had he lived on campus, it might have been a different story for him. However, he made connections with friends he graduated with as well as professors that he still keeps in contact with. He loves his profession as a Music Teacher and his Monmouth University education helped him get there.